Rudas Spa

Okay, it's true - the Ottomans brought progress to a halt during their 150 year occupation of Hungary, but when they were eventually evicted, they left behind something that would prove a gold mine for the health tourism industry just a few hundred years later: Turkish baths. For sure, the Turks might not have been the first to notice them (the Romans take that honour) but they were definitely the first to develop them into the bath houses that those of us living here have come to love. One of the very best is the Rudas, just off Erzsébet bridge on the Buda side of the Danube. Built in the 16th century, it possesses an impressive dome complete with stained glass that during the day allows the sunlight to permeate down into the main bathing area - very impressive! The bath house has recently undergone restoration work and is now better than ever. Visitors, however, should be aware that these baths have seperate "women only", "men only" and "mixed" hours. To find out more, consult the Budapest Tourist Office's website. This is an experience not to be missed!

Kategori: Thermal bath

Priskategori: 5-8 Eur/Person

Av urvalet: Thermal bath, Swimming pool, Drinking cure, Dry sauna and steam sauna chamber, Refreshing massage

Kreditkort accepteras: No credit cards

Läge: Buda side, Erzsébet bridge

Sevärdheter i närheten: Tabán, Gellért Hill

Öppethållande: Swimming pool Mon-Fri: 6.00-18.00 Sat-Sun: 8.00-17.00, Spa for man: Mon, Wed-Fri: 6.00-20.00, Spa for woman: Tue: 6.00-20.00, Steam bath group use: Fri: 22.00-04.00, Sat-Sun: 8.00-17.00, 22.00-04.00

Masstrafik: Bus 5, 7, 8, 86, Tram: 19,41 - Erzsébet híd

Döbrentei tér 9., 1013 Budapest
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